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Career Resources
National Career Development Association (NCDA)

 Free resources offered by the NCDA and Junior Achievement for use by school counselors posted at the website linked above. This website offers four different category of printable (PDF) materials in the categories of urban elementary, elementary, middle grades and high school. Middle school counselors will find this free guide useful in helping their students with career exploration. The document is written at grade level and easy for students to read and complete the activities suggested. These materials guide students through reflections of what they like to do, what their parents do for a career and what they think will be fun and enjoyable to do as a career. Middle school counselors will appreciate the easy to read format for their students and can use this free lesson in conjunction with other tools (inventories, assessments).

My Next Move-O*Net TM

My Next Move is a website divided into three easy to guide categories including “I want to be a…”, “I’ll know it when I see it.”, and “I’m not really sure.” Students using this website for the first time will most likely want to start with the last category in order to complete the O*Net Interest Profiler. This easy to read and navigate interest inventory allows students to determine a measurement in Holland’s six areas of personality/occupation strengths that include realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. As students learn more about themselves they can use the other categories to explore different career options similar the career exploration offered by BLS.

My Majors

My Majors is a website the allows students with computer and internet access to register for free and build a college and career plan based on the student’s academic aptitude and interest. This website will factor in the student’s future abilities (based on current grades, GPA, AP courses and ACT/SAT scores), and interests (courses enjoyed in high school, extracurricular, personal preferences, and values) to determine the student’s recommended majors, colleges and careers. High school counselors will find the “For Counselors” tab full of other resources that may be used with students and kept as print options in the career or guidance office.

March 2 Success

This website is provided and designed by the United States Army to help high school students starting in the 9th grade and above improve performance on skills and assessments in math, science, English, ACT and SAT, state tests and test-taking skills. High school counselors will use this tool with students that have been identified as struggling in these different areas to practice and strengthen their abilities. The different tools and tests are free and confidential. Students may use at their own convenience as many times as necessary. High school counselors and students may use other tool’s offered through this page including Peterson’s, Educational Options and the College Options Foundation.

Grades/Parent Portal
Wade Hampton High School Parent Portal

In order to access to your student's grade, please see Mrs. Jane Shea in the CATE (D-Wing) office suite. She will provide you with a username and password that you may use in order to check your student's performance in each of their classes.

Virtual School
Virtual School

South Carolina Virtual School

Career Surveys
Survey for Students

Survey for Parents/Guardians

Survey for Teachers

Standardized Testing and Graduation Requirements

The ACT is a curriculum- and standard-based educational and career planning tool that assess students' academic readiness for college.

The New SAT

For more information about the PSAT (completed before/during sophomore year) and SAT (completed before/during junior year) please check out the link above.

South Carolina Graduation Requirements

The South Carolina Department of Education describes the required high school courses necessary for graduation within the state, and provides contact information for any further questions or concerns.

Nationwide Graduation Requirements

The Institute of Education Sciences provides a state-by-state breakdown of graduation requirements by overall credits, subject areas, and other courses.

Get Help Paying For College

Submit a free application in order to qualify for assistance obtaining your Associates or Bachelor’s degree.

ACT Work Keys

This annual assessment is given to all juniors in order to measure their career readiness.