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Altman, Michelle Health Science/CATE
Bhimraj, Krupalini Science
Boyles, Charles Career and Technology
Burch, William History
Burke, Michelle Social Studies
Carter, Willie PE/Coach
Coker, Camille Career and Technology
Connell, Angel JAG
Contreras, Claudia Spanish
Crosby, Stephen Career and Technology
Ehrhardt, ReNee English
Forshey, Brian Mathematics
Forshey, Jennifer Mathematics
Fowler, Frances Science
French, Mary English
Ginn, Rebecca Mathematics
Gray, Romon Automotive Technology
Green, Jeri Guidance
Guty, Kaye Social Studies
Hadwin, Joe Firefighter Technology
Hughes, Holly Science
Kendell, Peter
Keyes, David Physical Education
Lewis, Willie NJROTC (chief)
Marsh, Betty Music
Mattie, Melonee Social Studies
Nelson, Jennifer Science
Nettles, Elizabeth English
NJROTC, Wade Hampton ROTC Commander
Owens, JoAnne English
Padigela, Gangadhar Mathematics
Paul, Barbara SPED
Paul, Mike SPED
Russell, Joy Spanish
Shivers, Katrina Guidance
Shuman, Jim Science/Assistant Football Coach
Sigman , Vicki Health Occupations
Skinner, Heather English
Smart, Sherrie English
Smith, Jacqueline Science
Stanley, Bridgette Art
Vaughn, Bain Guidance
Vaughn, Joel Social Studies/Coach
Ward, Jason English
Watson, Mark English
Young, Michelle Career and Technology