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English I College Prep  

English I College Prep - Mrs. Heather Skinner 803-943-3568, ext. 1336 – Parent Contact – Student Work Submission


As we focus on standards endorsed by the SC State Department of Education, my English I College Prep students will study and master the following:

  • Wide range of literary works
  • Various informational texts
  • Vocabulary and Greek/Latin roots & affixes
  • Writing skills and conventions
  • A variety of written communications
  • Research skills

Objective: To acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in reading, writing and research to succeed in Common Core Standards for English I and to pass the South Carolina End of Course test (EOC).


Daily Participation

-Students need to come to class daily prepared mentally and physically to participate in any class activity, discussion, assessment, etc. If students are unable to participate in class due to lack of materials and/or focus, their grades and understanding of content will decline.

-To manage classroom behavior, students may receive additional, required assignments as a consequence to poor choices. If the assignments are not completed, a grade of zero will be recorded. Flagrant classroom disturbances will be referred to administration for disciplinary action.

-If you have any concerns about your student’s daily participation, please check with me through email.


Class Materials

Storage notebook and paper; Pens, pencils, highlighter, dry-erase marker; Index cards/post-its; Composition or spiral notebook to stay in classroom; Assigned textbooks and novels.


Technology Integration

Students will use technology frequently in the classroom for study, research and presentation. They may bring appropriate personal technology to use for these purposes (e.g. ear buds, tablets). There will be specific times when cell phones may be used for research and project purposes. WiFi may or may not be available in the classroom. Students must have a personal email account in order to submit technology-driven assignments.


Research Papers

Students will use research and proper APA citation techniques each semester. Students must practice paraphrasing and in-text citations in order to avoid plagiarism (which will NOT be tolerated!).



Wade Hampton High School Website -

Use staff webpage as a resource for study guides, links, and updates about projects/assignments.

Regularly access student news website for school-wide news and current events/activities.


Units of Study

Each unit: vocabulary, grammar, and writing development, Test Taking Strategies/End of Course (EOC) preparation, and parallel readings.

Unit I:

Research and APA Documentation

Poetry and Story Elements/Bronx Masquerade

Analytical and Creative Writing

Collaborative Discussions on Hot Topics

Unit II:

Epic Poetry: The Odyssey

Non-fiction Reading

Writing Review

Research and APA Documentation

Unit III:

Short Stories

Literary Analysis


Reflective Writing





Unit IV:

Drama: Romeo and Juliet


Argument Writing


Unit V:

Review Test Taking Skills/ EOCEP Review

Poetry Review

Fiction/Tears of a Tiger


Homework: 10%; Classwork: 25%; Quizzes: 15%; Tests: 25%; Projects: 25%. Semester Exams will constitute 20% of semester grade. EOC test will constitute 20% of the full year grade.


Late Work and Re-dos

I follow the school-wide policies on late work and re-do assignments:


As a college preparatory class, English I is intended to be challenging and rigorous. Students must take responsibility for achieving success by seeking necessary help as needed. Tutoring hours are available by appointment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions throughout the school year.


I look forward to working with you! Please complete the section below, cut, and return the bottom only. Maintain this syllabus for your records.













(Cut on the line above. Keep the top portion in your English I notebook for easy reference.)

By returning this portion of the English I CP Syllabus, you acknowledge the various components of Mrs. Skinner’s class. Again, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Student Name:_______________________________Class Period:____


Parent Signature:_____________________________Date:______________________    




Preferred method of communication: Email   Phone _________________________      


Please share questions, comments, or specific goals you would like your student to achieve this year.



English II Honors  

Test Prep  

Other Class Info Image for Journalism

Newspaper/Yearbook Journalism Syllabus 2017-2018

Mrs. Skinner –




Course Description

In this course, students will gain journalism skills required for publishing a digital newspaper, athletic program and high school yearbook. They will receive instruction and practice in: page design, advanced publishing techniques, interviewing, copy writing, editing, and photography. They will learn marketing skills and be responsible for ad sales and fundraising. They will also learn to use public relations methods to promote Wade Hampton High School to its various audiences.


High quality work is expected and students will be given opportunities to redo work until it meets or exceeds standards specified during instruction.


Classroom activities will include reading, research, projects, writing, and problem solving. Students will often work in teams, but they will also complete individual assignments in relation to the team's work. At times, deadlines will require that staff members work after school, on weekends, and holidays.  Students will learn good work habits and will be responsible for all phases of digital newspaper, athletic program and yearbook publication.


Course Objectives:

1.       Students will learn and use publishing and journalism industry terminology.

2.       Students will become familiar with and effectively use Yearbook Avenue and Student Newspaper (Flex Wordpress)Online sites.

3.       Students will work with various types of technology (such as a digital camera, computer, scanner, and social media) to produce a yearbook, athletic program and digital newspaper.

4.       Students will apply computer skills and design principles to the production of yearbook pages.

5.       Students will learn and use effective copy writing techniques.

6.       Students will shoot, select, and crop photographs for layout

7.       Students will meet all deadlines.


Class Requirements:

·         Students will complete all assigned pages/articles.

·         Students will participate in fundraisers and mass marketing efforts.

·         Students will include names of every person on every photo.

·         Students will spell correctly 100% of names.

·         Students will design to the proper specifications.

·         Students will follow the correct theme.

·         Students will shoot (take pictures) and write copy as assigned.

·         Students will plan a yearbook distribution event.

·         Students will complete all miscellaneous assignments and projects.

(All while maintaining an upbeat attitude!)



Production Quality/Deadlines = 50%

Ad Sales =10%

Participation (daily, newswriting, fundraisers, marketing) = 40%

A = 100-90 %       B = 89-80 %     C = 79-70 %       D = 69-60 %     F = 59-0 %



Production Grade

All students are expected to work and participate in the sale, distribution, and production of the yearbook and in the ongoing production of the digital newspaper. In doing so, students will complete a variety of activities learning the skills necessary to create both publications. They will also be divided into production teams, and each team will be given specific assignments that may include but are not limited to creating yearbook/newspaper/athletic program pages, taking pictures, planning or working events, writing, or participating in specific activities. When working in a production team, each member of the team will be given both individual and group responsibilities; the completion of and quality of the completion of these responsibilities will count as a grade.



Out of Class Participation & Extra Activities

Students are expected to participate in outside of class activities. Due to the nature of publishing deadlines, students will be expected to work during other classes during the school day, periodically after school, and maybe Saturdays to meet deadlines. This may mean students will need to attend after school events to take photographs and gather information, work a football game, hang posters, or work during underclassman pictures – just to name a few. Students may also decide to go above and beyond when selling advertisements or sponsorships and/or excelling with fundraisers. When students complete work outside of class or go beyond the minimum when selling ads or participating in fundraisers, these activities are calculated as a part of students’ grade each quarter.



Fundraising is another way the yearbook staff generates money to reduce the cost of the yearbook and pay for Journalism Class equipment and supplies. All students are expected to participate in yearbook fundraisers; therefore, participating in yearbook fundraisers is a part of students’ grade each quarter.


Ad Sales

Business and senior ad sales are vital to the production of a high school yearbook. Although the price we charge for a yearbook may seem expensive, it is even more expensive to produce. This is one of the reasons we sell advertisements to businesses and graduating seniors. Therefore, students are expected to sell yearbook ads or sponsorships. Students are expected to earn at least 240-400 advertisement points for the year by the deadlines listed below. There will be training and instructional time devoted to helping students acquire sales. These advertisement points will be distributed in students’ grades each quarter as outlined below.

Costs of Ads are as follows:

Whole page $250

Half page $150
Quarter page $100
1/8 page $75
Sponsor listing $20







DUE BY: October 19th , January 11th





Points Earned


Grade Earned





Combination of sponsorships and/or advertisements




Combination of sponsorships and/or advertisements




Combination of sponsorships and/or advertisements




Combination of sponsorships and/or advertisements





Parents, please support your students in acquiring sponsorships and ads! You have an established network with area businesses and community members, so your influence can truly help our yearbook success!


Sign here to acknowledge you have read this syllabus. When your student shows it to me, I will award 20 free sales points for this quarter!


Cut and return bottom portion.


By signing below, you acknowledge the various components of Mrs. Skinner’s Journalism class. Please email me to help me build my parent contact list for ongoing communication: I look forward to a great year!


Student Name:__________________________________________Class Period________Date____________________________


Parent Signature:__________________________________________________________



Please share questions, comments, or specific goals you would like your student to achieve this year.