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Assignments - Honors English II(Archived)
Honors English II Summer Reading
Due Date: 6/30/2017
Subject: Honors English II



Mrs. H. Skinner



  • Read the book for summer reading; do not get answers from Cliff Notes/Spark Notes or study guides. Warning: the movie (if you can find it) is different; if you depend on it, you will miss answers and receive a zero. Plagiarizing, copying someone else’s work (including Internet sources) without giving credit, will result in two zeroes since this grade counts twice.
  • You are to do a journal for the novel assigned for summer reading: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. These journals will be turned in on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS in the fall. Journals work best when kept in a spiral notebook.
  • TYPED journals will NOT be accepted. They need to be in student’s handwriting.
  • Journals count twice as a test grade. Journals will NOT be accepted late.



  1. Give a ONE-SENTENCE summary for each chapter of the book including the epilogue and manuscript document at the end.


  1. List and identify all major characters (the ten on the island with emphasis on the ones who play the most important roles. (need not be complete sentences)


  1. Describe in one paragraph how the setting affects the plot.


  1. List major themes in sentences—not thematic ideas or topics such as corruption of ideals, but…


A theme of The Odyssey is that excessive pride can lead to destruction.


5.      Explain the relevance of the title and how the poem directly relates to the title and the role the poem plays in the novel.


6.      Explain what you notice about the author’s

A.    Suspense

B.     Foreshadowing

C.    Kinds of sensory imagery (touch, taste, see, hear, smell) –Must include specific examples from text.

 (Please use this order—need not be in complete sentences. Give specific examples of each.)


7.      Comment on what you liked or disliked about this novel and explain why. (3/4—1 page in length)