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Assignments from Class - English II(Archived)
Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" quilt
Due Date: 8/31/2017
Subject: English II

With a partner design five quilt squares that would signify a “secret message” to help someone know how to successfully run away.

Think of the following when considering your quilt square design:

  1. Where would they need to travel? When would they need to travel? How would they know what places/houses were “safe” houses? What tools/items would they need? How would you let them know when to begin packing and when to leave exactly? How would you indicate possible dangers?
  2. Your colors, patterns, stitches (indicated with dashes), and knots (dark circle) can each indicate a separate meaning or message.
  3. Neatly design your quilt squares on construction paper. On the back (in pen NOT marker) write a description with complete sentences of FIVE ways that your quilt squares send a message.